Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission statement:

The DI CDT values diversity and aims to make everyone feel welcome.  We positively promote fair treatment irrespective of age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship status, pregnancy, maternity, paternity, caring responsibilities, race, religion or belief.  We strive to ensure that equality is embedded in all our operations and activities and consistently review our processes via our EDI committee to align with our goal.

The CDT EDI Committee

The DI and AIMLAC EDI committee shall ensure that there is an integrated, proactive approach to equality, diversity and inclusion for all the members of the CDT-DI -AIMLAC cohort.  All CDT-DI-AIMLAC events, training opportunities and seminars respect EDIstandards and ideas. The recruitment messages and materials promotes the cohort as an inclusive environment. The committee will also provide training possibilities to the CDT-DI-AIMLAC members during some of the cohort’s events.

Flexible working and accommodating diversity at our institutions

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Student Support and Wellbeing at our institutions

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Talks from our June event from Dr Dayne Beccano-Kelly and Theresa Ogbekhiulu. Password: QKM+.nr5

EPSRC funded project is collating resources on EDI in STEMM

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Flexible working and accommodating diversity at Bangor University

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